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5x06: Phaeacia

Imagen para el episodio 5x6: Phaeacia

What's left of the group, with Michael and Lincoln as leaders, tries to keep running away, even when various threats must be handled just right. Meanwhile, Van Gogh and A&W reflect on the position they're assuming in the bigger plan

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5x04: The Prisoner's Dilemma

Imagen para el episodio 5x4: The Prisoner's Dilemma

While T-Bag has a meeting with Kellerman to get some more information about Michael Scofield, Lincoln tries to make the plan successful. Meanwhile, Ja, Whip and Michael have their last opportunity to make it out of the prison. What will be the cost to pay for leaving imprisonment?

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5x02: Kaniel Outis

Imagen para el episodio 5x2: Kaniel Outis

On the one hand, Sara continues in his search of Michael's location, but this will lead her to an uncomfortable talk with Paul Kellerman. On the other hand, Lincoln and C-Note continue with their quest and Michael tries to leave prison along with Whip.

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